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tend skin Tend Skin® Liquid requires no mixing. There are no limits on use, and no preparations before use. You can now use your preferred method of hair removal. Tend Skin® Liquid was developed with No Animal Testing!


To obtain the maximum benefit from Tend Skin® Liquid in conjunction with professional hair removal methods, we recommend the following steps:

(1) Clients with pre-existing ingrown hair problems should be sold a bottle of Tend Skin® Liquid for home use. Advise the client to apply the product twice daily prior to hair removal. Ideal times to use the product would be after showering in the morning and before retiring at night. This approach will begin improving appearance of existing ingrown hairs prior to waxing or electrolysis, making hair removal in the salon much cleaner and neater.

(2) After waxing or electrolysis, apply Tend Skin® Liquid to the area in sufficent amount only to dampen the skin. After 15-20 minutes all skin redness should be gone. Your client will leave your salon with skin free from redness. There may be slight stinging when applying Tend Skin® Liquid after waxing or electrolysis, but it will pass almost immediately. Post wax skin bumping should be minimal the next day.

NOTE: On clients with "sensitive skin" perform a test patch after waxing on a small square of skin. Wait 15 minutes. If there is no reaction, proceed with full application. Remember to only damper the area with product.

NOTE: Loofah pads and exfoliants can increase the tendency towards ingrown hairs due to the scratching/irritating effect on the skin.

CAUTION: Tend Skin® Liquid can remove dye from clothing and carpeting. Keep away from color sensitive materials! Please inform clients.

WE ADVISE that Tend Skin® Liquid not be used on skin within 48 hours of treatment with exfoliants, or scrubbing with Loofah pads or Buff Puffs. Using all of these together may cause chemical burning of the skin.

FACIAL APPLICATION : Apply Tend Skin® Liquid after hair removal in a very thin layer. The entire face can be done using one end of a cotton tip applicator wetted only once with Tend Skin® Liquid. Keep it VERY THIN.

(3) Tend Skin® Liquid will not be needed for at least a week after waxing/electrology unless ingrown hairs remains, as it takes time for hair to grow enough to form an "ingrown hair." Then, the client should be instructed to apply Tend Skin® Liquid 2-3 times weekly to maintain ingrown hair free skin. Weekly application of the product may have to be adjusted for the individual depending on the skin and hair types involved.


African-American men who suffer with Pseudofolliculitis Barbae have special product use requirements. Most men with PFB utilize electric clippers like a barber uses to shave the neck, instead of a razor.

Clippers do not trim the wiry, curly hairs of PFB sufferers close enough to the skin. If a close shave is not attained, no product will stop razor bumps because the hairs will immediately curl over and start digging into the skin. To properly use Tend Skin® Liquid, the following is recommended:

African-American men and even Caucasian men (15-20%) with PFB must be educated regarding shaving technique. These men are often afraid to use a razor blade on their faces. We learned from men in the military who are required to shave daily how to get the best results. Here is what we learned:

(a) Instruct these clients to use a SHARP RAZOR. Tell them to discontinue using clippers. The razor must be discarded after 1-2 uses or when the blade loses that "New blade" feeling!!! This is critical. Dull blades make more razor bumps!!

(b) They must apply Tend Skin® Liquid daily after shaving. Instruct them NOT to "splash" on their faces when applying to avoid eyes, and to minimize hand peeling. Advise using a cotton ball.

Common Problems With PFB Clients

(1) "The product worked at first but then stopped working." In this case, the client has likely used the product only once, achieved results, but didn't realize he had to use it daily.

(2) Over use of razor blade.

(3) Many men will shave only once or twice a week. They must shave daily!!

Note: Some crystal formation is normal in cold climates. Product performance is not affected. Crystals will disappear after several days at room temperature.