Tend Skin® Liquid
air shave® gel
waterproof™ moisturizing body lotion
Refillable roll-on® liquid
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tend skin Tend Skin® Liquid requires no mixing. There are no limits on use, and no preparations before use. You can now use your preferred method of hair removal. Tend Skin® Liquid was developed with No Animal Testing!


Here are some reasons you may be having difficulty with Tend Skin® Liquid performing as suggested:

  • Long Existing Ingrown Hairs: If ingrowns have been present for many months or longer, Tend Skin® Liquid will need some help. Ingrown hairs will continue to grow even though they are turned under the skin. People have reported finding ingrown hairs up to one inch and longer!! If this is the case, the hairs will need to be gently teased out the first time. DO NOT tweeze out of the skin completely. Just lift the end out from under the skin.
  • Dull Razor Blades: People having difficulty with ingrown hairs and razor bumps should use a fresh razor blade each time, or every other time, they shave. The blade must not exhibit any "drag" across the skin. In short, when shaving with a sharp blade, it should "feel" as though there were no blade in the razor.

    Razor blades are made from low-grade stainless steel. They are designed to lose their sharpness very quickly so you will be forced to replace it. This is how the shaving industry stays in business! They know it, and now so do you. When you feel the blade dragging on the skin, the scrapping feeling is irritating the skin surface. This will lead to micro irritation of the skin, micro swelling, shrinking of hair follicles due to swelling, and, ultimately, continued ingrown hair problems. No product yet will overcome this difficulty.

    You should not "feel" the blade dragging on the skin. When you shave, it should feel like there is no blade at all. That's how you know it is sharp enough!
  • Epilators and Electronic Hair Removal Devices For Home Use: Conversations with many individuals who have bought these devices has convinced me that they can make ingrown hairs problems worse. They cause surface injury to the skin as descried above for dull razor blades. The damage to the skin can make it more difficult for hairs removed below the skin to grow out!
2. T W E E Z I N G !!
We do not like tweezing. Tweezing damages the skin and makes ingrown hair problems worse !! Tease the hairs out from under the skin and remove them conventionally by shaving, waxing or electrolysis.