10 Natural Medicines

Medicine isn’t just the little bottles of pills you get at the pharmacy. You can find medicines all over the natural world, and some of them have probably made their way into your kitchen. In fact, your kitchen is already full of natural methods for healing and revitalization if you know where to look. The following natural medicines can be used for everything from menstrual cramps and nausea to acne and constipation.


Well known as a prominent ingredient in pesto, basil can also help unclog pores, fight bacteria, and cleanse the skin. Mashing basil into a thick paste and applying it to your skin can prevent blackheads and remove warts. It’s also been shown to lessen irritation caused by snake and insect bites. Consuming basil orally can settle the stomach, stimulate appetite, and combat everything from intestinal gas to head colds and worm infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Consuming apple cider vinegar is known as a highly effective treatment for acid reflux and sore throats. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as foot soak to get rid of toenail fungus. You can even rinse your hair with it to add shine and use it as a facial toner to fight acne.


This one’s a classic. Everyone’s seen people wear cucumbers on their eyes to reduce puffiness. But few know the cucumber can soothe and hydrate the skin more generally. It’s one of the most natural anti-aging tools in the world. Splashing cucumber juice on your face and neck can do wonders. Or for a more intensive treatment, try making a cucumber puree and applying it to any part of your skin that needs rejuvenation. Be sure to leave it on for at least 30 minutes before you rinse off.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the MVP of natural medicines commonly found in the kitchen. It’s medicinal uses are practically endless. It’s an excellent moisturizer and healing ointment that penetrates the skin without drying it out. On top of that, it can be used as a hair conditioner, a lip balm, a makeup remover, dandruff reducer and exfoliating body scrub. Coconut oil also combats fungal infections, cold sores, rashes, and constipation.

10 Natural Medicines


A few mint leaves can go a long way. Whether they’re submerged in water, brewed in a tea or sprinkled over a salad, mint leaves can ease menstrual cramps, boost digestion, and improve immune system function. You can also use mint as scalp treatment, hair rinse, or skin toner. Here’s how: boil mint leaves in water until the water reduces by half, then cool the water and apply. You can aid hair growth, lighten scars and blemishes, and fight acne with this method.


Ginger is a powerful medicine employed more readily outside the Western tradition. Use it to remedy inflammation, bloating, nausea, indigestion, and menstrual cramps. Sliced ginger in water or a smoothie can go along way. You can also make tea or even use it in cooking to achieve similar results.



Turmeric is increasingly being recognized as something of a wonder spice. An ingredient in curry, oral consumption of Turmeric can help fight throat infections, reduce the risk of stroke, and slow down the aging process. When mixed with sandalwood powder and a little water, it can reduce the appearance of acne when applied to the face. It can also even out skin tone and even give skin a glowing appearance when used as a body scrub.


Humble oats have more to offer than their traditional role as a low calorie, constipation-reducing breakfast food. Combining oatmeal with milk makes for a terrific facial cleanser that moisturizes the skin.


Lemon juice is a utility player in both the culinary and medical worlds. Lemon juice is great for relieving sore throats. When combined with other ingredients such as honey, ginger, garlic or pineapple juice, it can fortify the immune system against flu, improve digestion, and aid in weight loss.

Olive Oil

Daubing the scalp with olive oil and washing it off after 6-8 hours is a natural way to thicken hair and boost cranial hygiene more generally.

Natural Remedies on the Spice Rack

So next time you’re in your kitchen, take stock of all the items with medicinal and hygienic uses. Your spice rack alone is a treasure trove of natural aids and remedies. Sometimes, you may already have the cure right at home.

Written by Dr. Steven Rosen
Many great inventions and discoveries in the world were unintentional or just plain accidents. The story you are about to read concerning a breakthrough in the cosmetics field relates another great accidental discovery. In 1985, in an office in South Florida, Dr. Steven Rosen, a dentist at that time was working on a patient. The patient was a private investigator. Medication was given to the patient to alleviate the pain associated with his treatment. Two days later, the patient noticed a dramatic improvement not only in the pain level, but in his skin as well. His face, which was full of razor bumps, had cleared up! The man couldn't wait to tell the dentist what had happened. He called the dentist on the phone. He asked the dentist what he was doing to him. The dentist was worried and asked what he was talking about. He told the dentist that something the dentist was doing was clearing up his razor bumps. He told the dentist that since he started shaving 15 years earlier, he had tried everything available for razor bumps and nothing had worked until now. The investigator began to tell the dentist how important this discovery was. He mentioned that the dozens of products already on the market did not come close to producing the dramatic results he had achieved. He also said that this was a big problem in the military where a clean shave was required or you would have to get a shaving clearance from the dermatologist. Lawsuits had been filed in industry by workers who were fired because they were unable to get a clean shave for example where gas mask use was required Police must have clean shaves and so on. The dentist realized the importance of this discovery and determined which ingredient in the medication was improving the skin. Realizing that the ingredient could not be taken internally for long periods of time, the two men experimented with the formula in an attempt to apply it directly to the skin. It worked. It then took nine long years work to create a workable product and learn how to reach the market. . The dentist had a great discovery. Other uses for the formula arose in the same "chance" way that the formula was discovered. Women who bought the product for their husbands or boyfriends started trying it on ingrown hair problem they had from shaving, waxing, and having electrolysis on their legs, bikini lines, and underarms. Not only did they report to the dentist that the ingrown hair problems had cleared, but that the formula worked as an excellent underarm deodorant. And the rest is history……… Thank you for letting us tell our story. We hope you enjoyed it.