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Whether you’re jetting off for a beach vacation, preparing for a beautiful summer day, or going to be soaking in a hot tub to escape a cold winter’s night, tending to your bikini area is an absolute must!

However, doing so can pose an array of issues: the growth of ingrown hairs, razor bumps or burns, and even nasty infections. It goes without saying that these issues are unpleasant to deal with, especially in such a sensitive area. Luckily, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of tips to help make this process more pleasant and painless!

#1. Use a quality razor

If you’ve been using a cheap razor, you may want to splurge on something of better quality in order to take better care of your bikini line. Since this skin is so delicate, it’s incredibly important to use the best razor you can, and one in great condition, too. Opt for a razor with more blades, as those equipped with a higher quantity of blades outputs more pressure, making it possible for each blade to cut with less force yet a greater effect.

Throw out your disposable razors after a few uses in order to ensure that you’re blades are sharp and that your razor is clean to help you avoid unwanted infection. Razors with soothing strips also help to keep this area smooth and comfortable.

#2. Take time to prepare the area

If you haven’t shaved in a while (no judgement here!), start by using manicure scissors to trim the hair before you use a razor on this skin. The hair should be approximately a quarter of an inch long.

The next preparatory step is to soak your bikini area in warm water for about ten minutes. The reason for this precaution is to protect against post-shave razor burn as a nice soak will help soften the outermost layer of skin, making hair removal more seamless and cut down on irritation. Once you’re done soaking, pat your bikini area completely dry with a clean towel. Then, exfoliate the area with a washcloth or exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin.

#3. Rinse after your shave

Many people forget to take measures after they shave to protect their bikini area from razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation. Once you’ve shaved, rinse the area well and hold a cold compress to the area for about ten minutes. This helps mitigate the risk of irritation before it even has a chance to begin.

#4. Moisturizer and other over-the-counter skin products

Just like we moisturize the other parts of our bodies after a shower, moisturize your bikini area after grooming. Use an unscented and alcohol-free moisturizer to both sides of your bikini line to prevent skin from becoming dry and irritated. There are also over-the-counter skin products that moisturize as well as reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs–a must-have for bikini season!

shaving your bikini area

#5. Wear the right bottoms

Once you get out of the shower, the underwear you choose to wear makes a difference in the way your skin will heal. Instead of opting for a lacy, tight thong, instead opt for looser pair of soft, cotton undies that are devoid of elastic around the leg openings. This allows skin to breathe more easily, recovering from shaving and preventing those pesky ingrown hairs.

#6. Don’t shave right away

When you hop into the shower, it can be tempting to get your grooming needs out of the way first thing. However, your skin needs hydration. Instead, go through the entirety of your regular bathing routine and save shaving for last. This allows hairs to be adequately hydrated and softened before you go through the process, cutting down on the potential for skin irritation.

We put our skin through a lot on a daily basis, but ladylike grooming doesn’t need to cause our bikini area angst! Follow these tips for a more blissful grooming experience and treat this delicate area with the sensitivity it needs to properly heal. This will result in it looking and feeling great after every shave!