brighten skin

Glowing skin is a symbol of youth and good health, and many of us go out of our way to achieve that vibrant complexion. Unfortunately, multiple beauty products often take the beauty routine to a lengthy test of endurance. Not to mention the layers of products that tend to pile up on our skin. For those who are about to head down the aisle, keeping skin beautiful without layers of product is ideal.

Naturally bright and glowing skin should not take your beauty routine to hour-long sessions. The five-minute face (and glow!) is achievable…and without an insane amount of products piling up on the sensitive skin of the face. On your wedding day, you want to look radiant and perfect in every way…you don’t want to fight with insane skin regimes to get there, though.

While not every skin problem can be solved instantly with simple solutions (a good dermatologist cannot be replaced!), there are ways to keep the skin healthy and beautiful without too much fuss. And, of course, in time for your big day.

To help skin look its most radiant, however, means beginning a skin care routine a few months in advance. And you need to stick to your routine!  Here are five ways to ensure a healthy glow on your wedding day:

brighten skin


The first step to great skin is ensuring the body is properly hydrated. Not drinking enough water (yes, WATER!) causes skin to look tight and…well…not so good. No, you don’t need to drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day, but you do need to drink water. Try drinking a glass in the morning, maybe another after lunch and then with dinner. And limit caffeine and alcohol consumption…these dehydrate the skin! Esthetician Jillian Wright also says that caffeine can cause skin redness and…PREMATURE AGING!


brighten skin

Keeping skin supple is essential to a healthy glow. As winter brings in cooler temperatures, a good moisturizer is important to ensure that skin doesn’t dry out and become flaky. To ensure smooth skin all over, choose a moisturizer that is ideal for your skin type. Those with extra dry skin may need a heavier moisturizer, while those with oily skin need to beware of moisturizers with added oils. Some women also love face oils like argan oil or coconut oil. However, coconut oil has been known to clog pores, so don’t use this on your face if you’re prone to pimples and acne. Remember, too, that a good facial moisturizer also should include sunscreen. Just because temps drop in some parts of the country doesn’t mean you can throw away the SPF.


The stress of planning a wedding can wreak havoc on the skin, and so can lack of sleep. Your skin and your body need time to rejuvenate…and that means getting enough rest. Stay away from caffeine or anything else that may affect sleep. Be sure to turn in early enough to clock at least eight hours of sleep. The Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep for most adults.

Serums & Toners

Facial serums are offered with a variety of benefits. Some are used by the eyes to smooth out lines and wrinkles, and others are used to encourage cell turnover. Toners, however, are used to help firm up the skin, to diminish the look of pores or to clarify. Pick your products based upon your need, but try to find combination products to lessen your daily routine. Our brightening serum helps brighten skin over time and also helps improve the skin’s overall appearance. Begin using toners/serums a few months prior to the wedding; more sensitive skin may not like every product, so if a product disagrees with your skin you will have time to make amends.

Must-Have Cosmetics

For those future brides who do in fact wait until the last minute to fake a glow, there are easy solutions at hand. Although, natural radiance is the best beauty! To achieve a well lit glowing complexion, use highlighting cosmetics, like powders or foundations. Many of these products include illuminators that catch the light for a beautiful glow.

Achieving beautiful glowing skin takes time. For future brides, preparing the skin for a wedding day should begin months before walking down the aisle. Adopt healthy practices to keep skin hydrated and supple. And try to limit caffeine and alcohol, which can dehydrate the skin. By practicing healthy habits—and adding a few products—your skin will naturally glow.

Written by Dr. Steven Rosen
Many great inventions and discoveries in the world were unintentional or just plain accidents. The story you are about to read concerning a breakthrough in the cosmetics field relates another great accidental discovery. In 1985, in an office in South Florida, Dr. Steven Rosen, a dentist at that time was working on a patient. The patient was a private investigator. Medication was given to the patient to alleviate the pain associated with his treatment. Two days later, the patient noticed a dramatic improvement not only in the pain level, but in his skin as well. His face, which was full of razor bumps, had cleared up! The man couldn't wait to tell the dentist what had happened. He called the dentist on the phone. He asked the dentist what he was doing to him. The dentist was worried and asked what he was talking about. He told the dentist that something the dentist was doing was clearing up his razor bumps. He told the dentist that since he started shaving 15 years earlier, he had tried everything available for razor bumps and nothing had worked until now. The investigator began to tell the dentist how important this discovery was. He mentioned that the dozens of products already on the market did not come close to producing the dramatic results he had achieved. He also said that this was a big problem in the military where a clean shave was required or you would have to get a shaving clearance from the dermatologist. Lawsuits had been filed in industry by workers who were fired because they were unable to get a clean shave for example where gas mask use was required Police must have clean shaves and so on. The dentist realized the importance of this discovery and determined which ingredient in the medication was improving the skin. Realizing that the ingredient could not be taken internally for long periods of time, the two men experimented with the formula in an attempt to apply it directly to the skin. It worked. It then took nine long years work to create a workable product and learn how to reach the market. . The dentist had a great discovery. Other uses for the formula arose in the same "chance" way that the formula was discovered. Women who bought the product for their husbands or boyfriends started trying it on ingrown hair problem they had from shaving, waxing, and having electrolysis on their legs, bikini lines, and underarms. Not only did they report to the dentist that the ingrown hair problems had cleared, but that the formula worked as an excellent underarm deodorant. And the rest is history……… Thank you for letting us tell our story. We hope you enjoyed it.