does aloe vera help razor burn

Razor burns itch, hurt, and are a nuisance to everyone. Shaving is something we all have to do on a regular basis–men shave their faces, women their legs, armpits, and bikini areas–so razor burns and bumps are a common problem. You may find yourself wondering what in your home can be quickly soothe your irritation. Does aloe vera help razor burns? Can something cold in your fridge help the the inflammation of painful razor bumps?

While nature might not have anticipated shaving, she certainly provided us with plenty of remedies to reduce the pain! Here are some frequently asked questions about razor burns and bumps, and the remedies we can use to alleviate them:

Razor Burns or Razor Bumps?

May people do not know the difference between a burn and a bump, but there actually is a difference. Razor burn is kind of like skinning one’s knee; it is caused by the removal of surface skin cells, which leaves that raw irritation behind. Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs, which are usually caused by shaving close and with dull razors. Although they are different, they can be treated in similar ways.

Is There a Right Way to Shave?

Many people don’t know that there actually is a right way to shave.  Experts suggest using a shaving gel on wet skin to keep the skin moisturized. Slow, even strokes with a razor that is regularly changed can keep those nasty blemishes from appearing. Use care if you have acne, scabs, skin tags, or other protrusions on your skin, so you can avoid cuts and infections.

does aloe vera help razor burn

Does Aloe Vera Help Razor Burns?

Aloe vera absolutely helps razor burn, especially in its natural form. All one has to do is clip a little bit of the leaf and squeeze the gel from within. There are a lot of products that include aloe, such as gels, lotions, and even baby products. Keep an eye on the ingredients, however, because some of them might have fragrances or other additives that won’t help your razor burns and bumps.

Is There Anything Else in My Pantry To Soothe Skin Irritation?

Your pantry is a veritable medicine cabinet for a lot of natural home remedies, full of all sorts of wonders for your skin. In fact, these foods are good for your skin even when you don’t have razor burns and bumps!

  • Cucumber: this one may come from the fridge, but it has properties which cool the burning sensation.
  • Honey: since honey has medicinal properties, it soothes the irritation by addressing the causes.
  • Oatmeal: plain oatmeal is used in facials as a mask all the time, to prevent razor burns and bumps, so it makes a great treatment, too.

Can Anything Else From Home Help?

There are a few things that are home remedies that can help treat razor burns and blemishes. All of these are more cost effective, but may not have the same lasting effects as products designed to treat razor burns.

  • Baking soda: This long-known antiseptic can be blotted on with a cotton ball or swab.
  • Aspirin: Either crush aspirin pills or buy it in powdered form to apply topically and help ease the pain and itching. The anti-inflammatory properties can help with swelling and pain.
  • Baby powder: It uses the same principles on your razor blemishes as when you apply it for diaper rash.
  • Cold pack: Nothing beats frozen items applied to skin irritation for a soothing, cooling feeling. Wrap regular ice in a thin towel or use another item, such as meat or a bag of vegetables, applied to the affected area.

Sometimes, however, home remedies are simply not enough to treat razor burns.  Fortunately, there are products available guaranteed to help with painful, irritating razor burns.  Whether you order right here from this site, from Amazon, or pick up from your local Walmart, getting the right product to treat your razor burns when all else fails can be the difference between quick relief or prolonged, sustained discomfort.  Check out our razor burn products today!