ingrown hair treatment

We all know this universal truth: ingrown hairs are annoying and painful. As a busy mom, you don’t have time to deal with little ingrown hairs that distract you from doing all that you need to do every day. Between homework, practices, and of course your own work responsibilities—it’s near impossible to fit in time for self care. But it’s unhealthy and irresponsible to ignore a problem like ingrown hairs, that could lead to even worse skin infections.

Here are some ideas to help you get take care of ingrown hair treatment quickly so that you can get back to focusing on being a mom!

How to Identify Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs are hairs that get stuck under your skin and create a gross, pussy and very painful bump. They usually appear after shaving, but can potentially show up anywhere that you have hair. Even some particularly uncomfortable places like pubic hair can get ingrown hairs.

To effectively identify an ingrown hair, first look at the area around it. Most ingrown hairs grow in areas of course hair like pubic hairs or frequently shaved areas like armpits and legs. The bump will be tan or pink and sometimes you will be able to see a bit of the hair through the bump. In severe cases, there may even be a grouping of tan or pink bumps that means you have multiple ingrown hairs together.

ingrown hair treatment

Ingrown Hair Treatment

As a mom, you are always on the go. That’s why a lot of moms try to get rid of ingrown hairs quickly by scratching at them until they burst or picking at them until the hair comes loose. Unfortunately, those methods aren’t recommended because they can cause scars and infections.

Understandably, most mom’s don’t have time to run to the doctor every time they have a minor issue. So another option is to use an over the counter skin product to reduce the swelling of the bump. A few other home remedies for ingrown hair include:

  • Use tweezers to gently remove the hair
  • Using a warm washcloth to gently rub the ingrown hair
  • Use a mild exfoliant like sugar to treat the irritation

You want to be cautious with home remedies though, as they may not be effective especially in eliminating redness the same way a great skin care product can.

ingrown hair treatment

Ingrown Hair Prevention

The fastest way to deal with an ingrown hair, is to not have to deal with it at all. Take a few moments to check that your razor is sharp and lather up to make sure that you don’t get any ingrown hairs.

Some ideas for preventing ingrown hairs are:

  • Shave with a sharp single bladed razor
  • Use a good shaving cream
  • Hydrate to soften the area before shaving
  • Moisturize after shaving

If you are constantly dealing with ingrown hairs or if you have one that simply won’t heal, then make sure to consult your doctor. Even though it may be embarrassing, ingrown pubic hairs need to be looked at just as much as hair from anywhere else.

Busy moms find ingrown hairs to be a painful nuisance. Don’t let them bug you anymore with a bit of skin care. Try to prevent ingrown hairs when possible by being careful when you shave and applying the right products before and after you shave. When you do get an ingrown hair, get rid of it right away. Pull out the hair and use a cream that reduces the bump. You will be back to juggling all of your normal mom duties in no time.