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With bikini season approaching, you’re probably looking forward to saying goodbye to winter boots and coats and hello to flip flops and beach trips. However, one thing many women dread is razor bumps along your bikini line. Many are plagued with these bumps all summer long, appearing like clockwork after each shave.

Luckily, there are a range of tricks, tips, and products that allow you to stay free and clear of this irritation and get rid of razor bumps on your pubic area. We’re delving into this sensitive topic so that you can strut your stuff as you take on the beach this summer in bikini line bliss!

Why Do Razor Bumps Appear?

Razor bumps, a symptom of razor burn, are a common condition that many suffer from. The cause of this itchy and painful rash is associated with a range of reasons and factors when shaving. After all, shaving removes the top layer of skin from an area. With the bikini area being so sensitive, it’s easy for afflictions such as razor bumps to take hold.

Even if you don’t frequently fall victim to razor bumps on other areas you shave, remember that your bikini line is far more delicate than the skin on your legs or underarms. Thus, this area requires more in depth measures as far as razor bump prevention and treatment are concerned.

Several factors add to the commonality of razor bumps in the bikini area. First, shaving without any kind of lubricant–such as soap, water, or shaving cream.

Furthermore, using an old razor can cause this condition, and it’s also unsanitary to do so, so this should be avoided. Discard your razor if it’s clogged with hair, soap, or residual shaving cream. Shaving too quickly or using shaving products that don’t agree with your skin can also be the culprit behind this problem.

Using the wrong razor may also play a part in this issue. As mentioned above, we’re talking about a much more delicate area than those that your regular razor tackles, so it may be necessary to invest in one designated solely to your bikini line’s upkeep. The unique and tight shape of this area also demands the need for a specialized razor or shaving tool.

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Razor Bump Prevention For The Pubic Area

The best treatment for this ailment is prevention! Prevent bumps by saving shaving for the last step of bathing, as that’s when your skin and hair is softest. Also, be sure to exfoliate, gently rubbing the area with shave gel before shaving, which further softens the hair and skin.

As mentioned above, traditional razors might just not cut it for the pubic area. Consider using an electric trimmer designed for this task, which has the right shape to navigate the bikini line and is made for more sensitive skin. Alternatively, find a razor that is standardly shaped on one end and more narrow on the other, helping reach hard to reach spots.

After showering and shaving, dab some rubbing alcohol on the pubic area, assisting in both closing your pores and killing bacteria that can lead to a rash. Another helpful tip is to apply an unscented deodorant liberally to the area.  This keeps the area dry and prevents chafing, which can be another reason behind painful razor bumps.

When applying these substances to your pubic area, you’ll want to do so carefully and sparingly. This area is sensitive and may experience an adverse reaction to using these products. Do so with care and consider testing a small amount of the product before using a large amount of it.

Shaving too often, shaving the same spot repeatedly in one shave session, or pressing down too hard when you groom are all factors that lead to razor bumps. Avoid these actions to help prevent razor bump irritation in this sensitive area that you aim to keep looking neat and tidy!

Razor Bump Treatment

Once razor bumps have set in, you’re focused on one thing: getting rid of them! There are some easy-to-follow tricks for doing so. First, as soon as you notice razor bumps along your bikini line, splash the area with cold water. This works to shrink pores and soothe skin. The next, and most vital step, is to moisturize the area as soon as you’re done bathing and especially if you see razor bumps. Hydrating the area allows for hastened healing.

Another important step in healing pubic area razor bumps is to avoid scratching them. Itching only exasperates the condition, delaying healing time. While you’re waiting for the bumps to disappear, be sure to wear 100 percent cotton underwear and breathable clothes to aid in healing. To avoid worsening the bumps, wait two to three days before shaving the area again.

These shaving tips and tricks will keep your pubic area smooth and soft all summer long. Avoid the irritation that we all loathe with the right regime and products, aiding in keeping you feeling confident and comfortable!