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Pregnancy brings many changes to a woman’s body. The growing bump might be the most pronounced, but the hormones that come with pregnancy also leave their own unique impressions. Most women know that they might be more emotional during pregnancy, but many don’t know that pregnancy also may change their skin…for better or for worse.

Stretch marks, dark spots and acne all may appear during pregnancy and take the skin by surprise. For women with naturally flawless skin, these changes may be an unwelcome change. The “mask of pregnancy” also commonly gives women uneven skin blotchiness (typically grey in color); this mask is called chloasma, and it’s caused when melanin production is boosted by estrogen levels.

While many women notice that their hair suddenly morphs into a magical mane during pregnancy, they also may realize that the hair in other places—like their legs—also might be growing a bit faster (with a growing need for razor burn cures), while others discover that they don’t even have to shave!

Why Does Your Skin Change During Pregnancy?

There is really no rhyme or reason as to why some women experience skin changes, while others glow throughout pregnancy. Every body reacts to hormonal changes differently. But what do you do if suddenly acne takes over your face, you start wearing “the mask of pregnancy” or your leg hair is growing out of control?

Be assured that all of these skin and body issues are normal and you’re not alone in experiencing them. However, if they bother you, then you can try to take control. Be advised, however, that not all products are safe to use during pregnancy. According to “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” pregnant women should steer clear of products that contain parabens, phthalates and triclosan.”  Before you use any beauty product while pregnant, you also should contact your doctor to make sure it’s safe. Not all chemicals or products are approved to use during pregnancy.

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Ingrown Hair and Razor Burn Cures

For leg or body hair that seems to be sprouting up fast, daily shaving may be in order. While this may be frustrating, shaving is one of the easier ways to remove unwanted body hairs—especially when some creams or other solutions may be unsafe. If you’re reaching for the razor more frequently, be sure to moisturize after shaving to keep skin hydrated. And remember to change the razor blade! You also may notice that your center of gravity changes as your belly grows; always be careful when shaving…you may have to sit on a shower seat to make shaving and grooming easier and safer!

To deal with the appearance of redness with ingrown hairs and razor burn, use a safe over-the-counter product that can also moisturize. Our product has had positive results for women of all shapes and sizes, including moms-to-be.

Acne and Blemishes

For acne, sometimes time is the best healer. If your breakouts are painful and you just can’t deal, it’s best to ask your obstetrician for product recommendations. If this is your first run-in with acne, don’t pick or pop pimples, this may cause scarring. Some women notice that when their pregnancy progresses and hormones level out, their acne disappears.

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Stretch Marks and Skin Discoloration

Unfortunately, there are some pregnancy issues you cannot control. A predisposal to stretch marks also may be hereditary; if your mom had them, you might be at a higher risk. While some women swear by cocoa butter, this remedy is not a proven prevention. Stretch marks are permanent, although they may fade over time.

The “mask of pregnancy” also is just a feature that many women learn to live with during pregnancy. The mask will typically disappear after pregnancy, so, for many women, the discoloration isn’t permanent. Some women, however, may notice that chloasma continues as long as they breastfeed. Again, though, every woman’s body may react differently. Use safe, pregnancy-approved skin brightening products to even out your skintone. As your skin starts to correct itself with daily use, concealers and foundation may help you hide the discoloration, and illuminating products may add a dewy glow to the skin.

Not all skin changes in pregnancy are bad news for women. There’s a reason why everyone talks about the “pregnancy glow!” Good skin during pregnancy also is quite common. The pregnant glow is something to embrace. If you have that glow, flaunt it! And even if you haven’t seen that glow, know that the greatest expectation of expecting is the little one that you’re helping to grow and nurture. Acne, discoloration, and crazy hair growth will seem like the smallest of issues when you meet your new baby!