Salon Red Flags

If you’re planning a trip to the spa, be careful. When it comes to waxing intimate parts of our body, there should be clear sets of needs and expectations in place. When exposing our skin and hair follicles to this type of an invasive treatment, we’re opening ourselves to all sorts of infection, so keeping an eye open for salon red flags is a must.

These treatments are given OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) protection practices, guidelines and laws that are put into place to avoid harming customers. But this doesn’t mean these establishments are following these rules and regulations to the letter of the law on a daily basis.

As smart consumers, we must open our eyes and be on the lookout for potential problems before we commit to using these services, especially when removing hair from our body. Let’s look at seven important salon red flags that could burn you as a customer:

1 – Forms First

Even when going to see our physician for a routine checkup, the office always give you a form to fill out, whether or not your information has changed. There needs to be some documentation (or at the very least an in depth conversation) about your vital information, new or existing allergies and other potentially problematic data to consider before your session.

2 – Garnishing Gloves

Your technician should always be wearing gloves, always! Again no matter how routine or regular the procedure or your familiarity with this individual, this is simply a must!

3 – Out of Pocket

Tools of the trade (like tweezers) should never be seen in the pockets of these workers, even if they’re simply carrying them away after your treatment. They should always be kept in a safe and sterile environment and not travelling around in someone’s pocket in between applications. You never know where they’ve been or where they’re going!

4 – Wax On – Wax Off

When getting a waxing, make sure the pots being used are for you and you alone. They should be clean, fresh and not leftover from a previous treatment. In the same light, keep an eye on the spatulas or other tools that are being used as they shouldn’t be laying around inside the waxing pots when not in use. Think of it this way, since the practice of “double-dipping” is unacceptable at parties, it shouldn’t be a part of your salon experience either.

Salon Red Flags

5 – After Care

These skin-care professionals should always recommend detailed instructions and products for aftercare following their services instead of simply giving you an invoice at the end of this visit. These providers need to care about you and your ongoing health, not just when you’re paying the bill.

6 – Language Barriers

If you feel there is a language barrier with the staff, this could be a huge, potentially problematic situation. Confusion leads to chaos and communication is key with any type of service being rendered, especially when it comes to something being performed on your body. Trust your gut, especially when it comes to things happening with your skin in a salon where you may feel uncomfortable communicating.

7 – A Clean Environment

This almost goes without saying, but this entire environment should always be completely clean and pristine at all times, everywhere from the lobby to the restrooms. The only possible exception is that one of the staff is actively cleaning an area when you arrive that seems to be out of place or unclean.

Even though it may seem like a routine and regular visit, cleanliness, a completely sterile environment, safety practices, and legal measures are put into place for a reason – your overall health and safety. You never know where (or when) a little slip might cause a big problem for your body and health.