Summer means lots of sun and hanging out poolside. Which means, summer is all about swimwear! Maybe you can’t wait to find that new tankini, or maybe you’re groaning in horror just thinking about those spandex nightmares hanging amongst the rack. Finding the perfect swimsuit is kind of like finding the perfect pair of jeans…it’s a lot of searching, a ton of frustration but worth it in the end.

Unlike jeans, though, swimwear makes many of us more aware of our bodies, because our skin is on full display. Bellies may be bare; thighs may be on full view…in some designs even our rear ends feel exposed! If the idea of showing skin leads to a feeling of self-conscious panic riddled with nausea, you’re not alone. According to a survey by Fitness Magazine “Forty-three percent of women…would give up Facebook forever if they could have a body like a swimsuit model’s. Another 23 percent would give up their cell phone…but only for a year.”

Swimsuits hide very little. And they are as close to public nudity as many of us will ever explore. So, yes, of course summer freaks many of us out. But, still, we all seem to love our swimwear. According to Statistic Brain, the American woman owns four swimsuits, and the swimwear industry rakes in more than $13 billion annually.

So while we seem to have a love/hate relationship with our littlest pieces of clothing, they are summer’s most necessary evils. And swimwear-phobia doesn’t affect everyone. Many men and women love their bodies unconditionally and march out in the heat coolly and confidently. There are many of us, though, who are still struggling with body confidence.

We’re not going to advocate thin and trim…or one body size over the other. Every body is beautiful. If you’re struggling with strutting with confidence, focus on building strength and nurturing your body the right way. That means everything from building stronger muscles to keeping the skin you show moisturized and healthy! Look and feel fabulous in your swimwear with these six body-loving secrets!