Some beauty purists only shop for organic ingredients or vegan-only products. But it’s the cruelty-free mark that is the do or die for many cosmetics enthusiasts. Beauty doesn’t have to come at the cost of an animal’s life or welfare, and more buyers are demanding and actively seeking out the bunny emblem that represents the mark of cruelty free products.

In the past, choices were limited for cruelty-free cosmetics, and the search was often grueling or budget breaking. In today’s ethically-driven market, though, more and more companies are going cruelty-free. Finding the best ethical products on the market can be a matter of opinion, however, because what works for one person might be a miss on another individual’s skin.

Cruelty Free International holds the mark of the Leaping Bunny that is associated with their cruelty free certification. On the organization’s site, buyers can search for brands that are cruelty-free as well as vegan or vegetarian brands. You can narrow your search by product type or just type in a company name to see if it is Leaping Bunny approved.

Besides the Leaping Bunny, buyers may see another bunny on noted cruelty-free brands. The bunny face with heart-shaped ears belongs to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). When buyers see this label, they also can be assured that the item was not tested on animals. PETA allows consumers to download an app to search for all the companies that bear their bunny symbol.

The beauty of cruelty-free products is that many of them are often reasonably priced for the value as well as ethical. Many major brands feature a bunny label denoting cruelty-free. However, many major brands still haven’t made the switch. For more information about cruelty-free products and animal testing in the beauty industry, check out the infographic below:

Written by Dr. Steven Rosen
Many great inventions and discoveries in the world were unintentional or just plain accidents. The story you are about to read concerning a breakthrough in the cosmetics field relates another great accidental discovery. In 1985, in an office in South Florida, Dr. Steven Rosen, a dentist at that time was working on a patient. The patient was a private investigator. Medication was given to the patient to alleviate the pain associated with his treatment. Two days later, the patient noticed a dramatic improvement not only in the pain level, but in his skin as well. His face, which was full of razor bumps, had cleared up! The man couldn't wait to tell the dentist what had happened. He called the dentist on the phone. He asked the dentist what he was doing to him. The dentist was worried and asked what he was talking about. He told the dentist that something the dentist was doing was clearing up his razor bumps. He told the dentist that since he started shaving 15 years earlier, he had tried everything available for razor bumps and nothing had worked until now. The investigator began to tell the dentist how important this discovery was. He mentioned that the dozens of products already on the market did not come close to producing the dramatic results he had achieved. He also said that this was a big problem in the military where a clean shave was required or you would have to get a shaving clearance from the dermatologist. Lawsuits had been filed in industry by workers who were fired because they were unable to get a clean shave for example where gas mask use was required Police must have clean shaves and so on. The dentist realized the importance of this discovery and determined which ingredient in the medication was improving the skin. Realizing that the ingredient could not be taken internally for long periods of time, the two men experimented with the formula in an attempt to apply it directly to the skin. It worked. It then took nine long years work to create a workable product and learn how to reach the market. . The dentist had a great discovery. Other uses for the formula arose in the same "chance" way that the formula was discovered. Women who bought the product for their husbands or boyfriends started trying it on ingrown hair problem they had from shaving, waxing, and having electrolysis on their legs, bikini lines, and underarms. Not only did they report to the dentist that the ingrown hair problems had cleared, but that the formula worked as an excellent underarm deodorant. And the rest is history……… Thank you for letting us tell our story. We hope you enjoyed it.